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4 Acres of Land for sale in Giraudel


€ 200,000


4 Acres of Land for sale in Giraudel

Nestled within the embrace of a lush forest, this captivating parcel of land for sale seamlessly marries the allure of nature with the convenience of city living. Just a short distance from the city Roseau, this property not only boasts the enchantment of woodlands but also offers a breathtaking panorama of the shimmering ocean.

Surrounded by towering trees and flourishing greenery, the land showcases the beauty of nature while maintaining proximity to city life. An array of citrus, avocado, soursop and other fruit trees are spread throughout the property.

The gentle terrain of the property allows for versatile development possibilities, whether envisioning a private residence harmonizing with the forest backdrop, or considering the potential for a unique blend of contemporary living in close communion with nature, while taking advantage of the agricultural potential from the rich soils of Giraudel (and the already cultivated crops!).

With its strategic location, this land for sale not only promises a haven of natural beauty but also promises the luxury of easy commuting to the city, making it an enticing prospect for those desiring the best of both worlds — the peace of the woods and easy access to urban life.


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