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Building plot for sale in Altamura, Italy

Building plot in Altamura
 Building plot in Altamura 

€ 450,000


Building plot for sale in Altamura, Italy

Building plot for sale downtown in the city of Altamura, Italy. It's located on a quite busy road at the intersection between via San Sebastiano and via F. Mastrangelo, and its size is about 500 square meters and volumes up to about 1900 cubic meters can be built. On the ground floor, commercial premises are usually located, while the remaining floors can be used either as residential premises (i.e. apartments) or commercial premises / offices. It's quite easy in Italy to change the use of premises (commercial or residential)... The price is not inflated, any independent real estate appraiser located in Italy will confirm the given sale price and provide more details about the cubic meters and use. Buying physical assets may also serve as protection from rising inflation...
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Property ID: 44386

Size of land:
500 m²



via F. Mastrangelo, 91 - 70022 Altamura, Italy

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