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How to register my short-term Spanish property let?

This is a follow-up to our last article which examined the new requirements for short-term holiday lets in Spain.

In brief there are new regulations coming into place in Spain. This requires properties being let for less than 2-month period to be registered with the authorities. Here we will briefly discuss the process for register the property:

The first thing to note is that, in typical Spanish fashion, it is not the same for the whole country. Regional differences apply. Already each region have different laws and guidelines regarding tourist rentals. Check what laws are specific to your region.

If you have several properties in a close radius for example you may need to register as a commercial landlord meaning even more stringent guidelines apply to you.

From July 2018 all owners need to be able to provide the license number. This shows they registered the property. There is no way to avoid this registration.

If you are letting your property you must be advertising it and as such this is visible to potential customers as well as the authorities!

In addition the authorities can check land registry records. If they inspect you, you will need to provide accurate rental figures from the start of 2018 to the date of inspection. This needs to be verified by log books, bank accounts, and other information as required by the authorities.

The maximum fine is €180,000. Therefore please take it seriously. All income is like income taxable. Also, if this was not declared it will be subject to interest on unpaid amounts.

Also if the property is below standards during inspection you will need to carry out the necessary works immediately. You will need to do this before any further lettings.

The registration process is a fairly simple one and can be carried out at They are in Spanish but one website suggested looking at where information is provided for English speakers.

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