College Dorm Living: A Guide to a Successful Experience

The next thing to do after experiencing the joy of being accepted into a university is to make plans to adjust to life as a student. Please place the accommodations at the top of your list of things to plan when preparing. 

There are various housing options available; however, most of the time, there are opportunities for students to reside in one of the student dormitories on campus. 

Before you do what everyone else is doing and move into one of the campus dorms, consider the things listed below.

A student dorm is an option for housing that, just like any other, comes with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. It is essential to investigate these aspects before concluding whether it is financially beneficial to live in dormitories.

Advantages of Staying in the Dorm

If you choose to reside in the dorm, you will be close to all the other students and the common areas of the building. As a direct consequence, getting ready and moving to any location on campus will take you less than an hour. You won’t even have to be concerned about the cost of traveling there anymore, which is a huge relief.

Living in a dorm can reduce the amount of time and mental strain associated with preparing meals at home. Living in a student dorm gives you access to a buffet of delicious and recently prepared meals whenever you want. Additionally, you will always have access to the three nutritious meals in your daily allotment.

It is easy to connect with other students. All the students on campus have one thing in common: they all have to study. When you are in an environment like this, finding a reading partner with the same academic goals will be easy because there will be many people in the same boat. You won’t have to put as much mental effort into the assignment on your own if you collaborate with the other students to devise solutions to the problem.

When someone lives on campus, they will be surrounded by many people, making it much simpler to meet new people and form friendships. If you stay in the student dorm, you will have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people and gain insight into the myriad ways they live. It gives you access to a large pool of potential friends from which you can choose. When acclimating to life in a new country, international students may find some assistance in their dorm communities, which are communities of interconnected individuals.

Disadvantages of Living in the Dorm

Sharing a space with teenagers, known to be some of the loudest people on the planet, is one of the setbacks of living in a dorm. It can be seriously frustrating when you’re trying to get some shut-eye or catch up on some reading, because finding peace in a dorm room can be challenging.

Off-campus, you can find a quiet place to work and relax, with minimal to no noise disturbance from other young people in the area. This point is an option for those who want to avoid campus altogether.

There is no such thing as privacy when you live in a student dorm. After all, there will always be other people in your room, bathroom, kitchen, and toilet because everyone shares the space. It is highly inconvenient that you do not even have the choice to select your roommates from the available options. 

In the dormitory, it is incredibly challenging to find even a tiny amount of personal space for oneself, let alone any spare time for oneself. Everything you own is at risk of being borrowed by one of your roommates, and the chance that these items will not return to you in the same condition they were in when borrowed is an even more significant concern. When you use the toilets in dorms that multiple people share, you risk contracting a toilet infection.

Living in a dorm comes with the experience of being reminded that you are not entirely independent. These constant reminders can take the form of room checks or the struggle to keep up with the laundry. 

When you live in a student residence hall, the staff there will conduct routine checks of your room at predetermined intervals. This precaution is usually to ensure that it is clean and devoid of any substances that could be hazardous to one’s health. 

You also need to be concerned about doing your own laundry, which can be incredibly stressful if all the washers are already full and there is no one to claim the clothes they helped to wash. However, you are the only one responsible for doing your laundry. When you choose to live off campus, you will have the independence to go about your daily activities without fear of being observed or questioned by anyone. In addition to that, the laundry room will be very convenient for you to use.

Most importantly, other choices can almost perfectly replicate each advantage of living in a student dormitory, making dorm life an option that is not necessary. Co-living is one of the options taken as an alternative. 


Coliving arrangements off campus provide their occupants with an atmosphere, privacy, and the ability to live independently. Some apartments are shared and available in the neighborhood immediately surrounding the campus. Because of this, it is easy to meet new people and locate others with whom to study. 

Depending on the agreement you and your roommates have reached, you may be able to eat in your room and have a roaster for cooking purposes. According to every criterion, living in a community with others is the superior choice to living in a dormitory.

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Author: James Johnson

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